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The JettaCargo is a software developed in order to optimize the use of cargo spaces, generating savings of space and resources and therefore increasing, for example, carry more goods without increasing the fleet. The software can be used for installation of cargoes in a container or truck or even to make the Assembly of goods/boxes on a pallet.

The operation of the software is quite simple and intuitive and boils down basically to launch loads into the system so that it can calculate algorithmically the ideal position for each goods/box with a view to the best use possible of the available space.

The JettaCargo is developed by JettaSoft, a technology based company located in Florianópolis (SC).

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Automated and intelligent load planning, saving time and improving the use of resources.
Otimização de espaços para cargas
loading optimization
The main purpose of JettaCargo is to optimize the loading of cargo through the optimization of spaces.
Visualização em 3D
3D visualization
The organization of cargo space is visualized in 3D by the system operator.
Obtain data on the use of the cargo spaces and find out, including how much space (and, if applicable, even how many trucks) were saved with the use of the system.
Integração com ERPs
Integration with ERPs
It is possible to integrate the JettaCargo the ERP systems and the like, the goal in these cases is to import the system loads instead of posting them manually, streamlining the user service.
Software 100% web
100% web software
Use the software anywhere with internet access, in any OS with support for current and browsers without having to install anything.